Your plan is to enjoy the best of West Sacramento — fine dining, shopping, and quick access to I-5 and I-80. To live there, you have three options. The first is a traditional studio apartment, which after you also factor in costs for utilities, cleaning, supplies, and Wi-Fi, you’re looking at approximately $1850 per month. The second option is a room through Craigslist, and you can shave your expenses down to an average of $1225.

The third option? That’s the smart one, and that’s with us at The Five Fifties. You’ll be a part of a co-living home, one where your private bedroom is furnished with a nightstand, lamp, workspace, and a bed that delivers the comfort you crave. Public spaces are just as welcoming, decorated with quality pieces from exceptional brands and an unsurpassed modern rustic design that focuses on your well-being. Add to that professional weekly cleaning of all shared bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, kitchen, laundry, and household necessities, and access to Wi-Fi that’s fast and secure.

All for a total cost of only $999 per month. At The Five Fifties, our co-living homes are designed to take you further for less. The only thing it’s missing is you. Contact us online or by phone today.