What you want is to make the most of modern urban living. What you don’t want? To be nickel-and-dimed on your expenses, denied the joys of being part of a community, and live in a place that feels like other places. What you want is urban living at its best, and at The Five Fifties, we make that happen through co-living.

What is co-living? Simply put, a way to make living in a city work better for you. At The Five Fifties, our co-living homes provide private furnished pied-à-terres (French for “foot on the ground,” a small living unit usually located in a large city) within a wellness-focused house. When you join our community, you’ll have the privacy of your own furnished space with access to the community in beautiful, shared spaces in their homes. Best of all, one all-inclusive rate covers your rent, cleaning, laundry, and more.

Tastefully furnished private and communal spaces. A high-end kitchen featuring high-end appliances, dishware, and other essentials that make well-eating effortless. Weekly cleaning, free laundry, and all the household staples you’ll need. The end result is convenience, value, and healthy living going hand-in-hand with comfort and community. To be a part of it all, contact us online or by phone today.