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About Our Partnership Oportunities

The membership process and selection is easy and simple

LIV - Your best life starts here.

LIV is more than a place to rent. It’s a fresh approach to the coliving experience. Rather than be stuck with roommates, we move you in with vetted, career-oriented professionals from all walks of life. We then encapsulate what it means to create a holistic-centered environment. From the feng shui of the décor to the nutrient-rich showers and infrared beds, we strive to give you all the tools needed to truly LIV your best life. And best of all, once you’re approved, your home is ready for you. No need for the stress of packing a u-haul with the usual anchors, just bring in your essentials and begin to enjoy your new home and lifestyle in a completely furnished home. LIV: Your best life starts here.

Become A Partner


Membership grants a plethora of benefits, and can potentially be tiered with varying options for each tier. Some examples of membership types are:
1) Coliving Resident
2) Property Owner
3) Investor/Partner

Coliving Resident Memberships are residents of our coliving spaces.
- An application fee of $25 is assessed to cover a background check.
If approved, A security deposit is due totaling 1 month’s rent. $500 of the deposit will be do on move-in, and the remainder will be due within 30 days of move-in.
- An Annual membership will also be due at move-in.
- Flexibility – LIV Offers 3, 6 and 12 month rental agreements which can be converted to month-to-month or renewed. Longer commitments receive discounts.
- Adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a more permanent solution or your career lends to a nomadic lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. If there’s an opening at any of our other facilities, you get first priority to transfer to that location.
- A sense of connectedness and opportunity to meet other career-oriented professionals from all walks of life.
- Regularly scheduled micro community events to get to know your coliving inhabitants, explore the city, and create lasting memories.
- Data-driven living space that thrives and adapts based on the regular feedback of inhabitants. Everything from the amenities to the community events are centered around your input.
- Holistic essentials like Vitamin infused showers, aromatherapy, infrared treatments, high quality tea selections, and more.
- All utilities: High-speed internet, electricity, gas, water, recycling, you get the idea.
- Beautiful, completely furnished communal spaces, free from maintenance, stocked with everything you need.
- Fully furnished private room ( a queen or full-sized bed, luxurious linens, nightstand, dresser, lamp, and desk).
- Weekly cleaning services.

Property Owner Memberships are building owners who allow us to come in, rehab their living space into a coliving space meeting the LIV standards set forth in our manual, and manage their property. Owner memberships are both subject to a 4 month to two year agreement based on our own risk assessment (See Risk assessment). Property Owner membership benefits may include things like:
- Complete management of all residents, including resident background checks, interviews, application processing and approval, and evictions through residential contracts. Having our experienced management team tend to your property means less time invested on your part, higher occupancy rates, less stress and more passive income for the member.
- Complete management of all residential properties, including interior and exterior maintenance, FF&E replacement and upkeep, interior design and upkeep, and so forth.
Increased exposure through our primary and affiliate websites, potentially increasing the demand for your property.
- Listing on our app for traveling Coliving short-term residents.
- (Coming soon) Discounts at our partner coliving properties when vacancies are available.

Risk Assessment (Owners)

We analyze our potential earnings based on the area’s demographics, the current occupancy rate, and the property owner’s initial investment. The higher the investment, the lower the minimum requirement is. For example, if the property owner wants us to manage the property for only 4 months and then take over, we create a buy-out option in which they take over after we jump start it for them. The buy-out becomes cheaper the more months that pass until the 2 year period has occurred, at which point the member has the option of continuing to allow us to manage the property and maintain status as a LIV property, meaning they maintain all of the benefits that come with membership (See Membership), or buying out and managing their own co-living experience.

Become a Partner

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